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This Pilot Project Supported By: 

Ride & Stride is a Gainesville (FL.)/Alachua County community initiative of the City of Gainesville Bicycle/Pedestrian Program.

GNV Helmet Strong is a bicycle helmet encouragement initiative that stems from a desire of bicycle safety community volunteer and education professional, Jonathan Coron.


This effort is being completed as a pilot project of  the City of Gainesville Bicycle/Pedestrian Program, created in conjunction with Jonathan Coron's vision for a personalized bicycle helmet encouragement banner outreach to schools and other highly visible activity centers in the community .

GNV Helmet Strong serves as the City of Gainesville's Bicycle/Pedestrian Program contribution to Mr. Coron's concept and is provided as a phase one pilot project. This phase one segment could serve as a platform for future phases of output that could involve other local, state, federal, private entities as desired.

Specifically, the effort works to place banners and posters encouraging bicycle helmet use through personalized photo/mascot/logo identification at select locations for heightened community and  customer/client/student identification and association of the message. Participation could be either as a [SUPPORTER], where name and logo is listed as a support of the safety education and encouragement or a [PARTNER], where a photo/logo/likeness is branded on outreach banner, poster and yard sign materials for potential display at no cost. [Sign-up HERE!]


City of Gainesville Bicycle/Pedestrian Program roll-out of this pilot effort is targeted for Fall 2023.

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